Semi-Normal Distribution

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According to Haight (1958), the “Semi-Normal distribution” is another name for the Helmert Distribution [1], which is itself another name for the chi-square distribution. The name “semi-normal” was coined by Steffensen [2] in a 1937 article titled “On the semi-normal distribution” which appeared in volume 20 of Skandinavisk Aktuarietidskrift.

Haight’s entry for Semi-normal distribution.

Steffensen’s work found the distribution of the quotient of the semi-normally distributed random variables;  he suggested the use of the distribution of a multiple of a chi random variable (i.e., cχv) where v is “sufficiently large” [3].

Steffenson’s work on the semi-normal distribution was recognized in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society’s Recent Advances in Mathematical Statistics [4].


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