Romanovsky Distribution

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The name “Romanovsky distribution” has been used as another name for the negative hypergeometric distribution [1]. It is also used to describe a restricted occupancy distribution in “ball and urn” investigations [2].

Historical Notes on the Romanovsky Distribution

Haight [3] lists Romanovsky’s distribution in the index yet points to as a sparse entry titled “Romanovsky’s generalization”:

The references point to Biometrika, where “Romanovsky’s generalised curve” is mentioned in [4] as a generalization of Pearson Frequency curves. Specifically, the curve is written as the equation



  • A0, A1, A2, … are constants
  • μ 0, μ1, μ2, …are certain definite one-valued functions of x.

The first term in the series represents one of the Pearson frequency curves depending on the choice of function.

Wishart reports that Romanovsky’s curve “do not appear to better the existing types, owing to the expansion in terms of functions which are not suite to the purpose.” In addition, he notes that apart from a tiny region the series expansions are not convergent and “hence cannot give us really satisfactory fits.”


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