Macdonald distribution

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The three parameter Macdonald distribution, introduced by Nagar et al. [1] is defined by the probability density function (PDF):

macdonald distribution pdf

Where Γ, ν,σ is the extended gamma function, defined as:

extended gamma function

Other “Macdonald distribution”

Occasionally, the term “Macdonald distribution” is used to describe a theory from permutations (for example, see [2]), but this is a completely different concept from the distribution described by the above PDF.

Kropac [3] discusses distributions involving Macdonald functions (modified Bessel functions of the second kind), defined as:

Kn(z)= π(2 sin nπ)-1[I-n(z) – In(z)]

Johnson et. al [4] also refer to the Macdonald functions as distributions. One subclass of these functions containing functions with integer indices n are important in applications.


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