Gompertz-Rayleigh distribution

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The Gompertz-Rayleigh distribution is an extension of the Rayleigh distribution that allows for better modeling of highly-skewed datasets compared to compound distributions [1].

A similarly named but unrelated distribution is a generalized Gompertz-Rayleigh distribution, proposed by Bradley [2] as a potential survival distribution for modeling risk.

Many other generalized forms of the Rayleigh distribution have been proposed including Kundu & Raqab’s ‘s generalized Rayleigh [3], Merovci & Eltabal’s Weibull-Rayleigh [4], and Ahmad et al.’s transmuted Rayleigh distribution [5], but Mohammed et. al proposed adding the Gompertz-G family to have more flexibility and greater skewness.

Gompertz-Rayleigh Distribution PDF / CDF

The Gompertz-Rayleigh distribution (GomRD) has the probability density function (PDF):

PDF of the Gompertz-Rayleigh distribution

and cumulative distribution function (CDF):

CDF for GomRD

Where x > 0; θ,  α, β > 0.


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