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  • Lineo-Normal Distribution

    < Back to Probability Distributions List The Lineo-normal distribution is a member of the modified normal distributions constructed by Romanowski [1]. He states “The lineo-normal distributions seem to be strikingly well confirmed by types of observations and measurements”. M. Romanowski It is a special case of the modified normal cumulative density function (CDF) [2] with […]

  • Ghosh distribution

    < Back to Probability Distributions List Haight [1] defines the Ghosh distribution as: where [k] is the largest integer ≤ k. The formula provides a counterexample to the theorem on similar regions in hypothesis testing (also called “regions similar to the sample space with respect to composite parameters”). Ghosh’s work revealed that all similar regions […]

  • Helmert’s Distribution

    < Back to Probability Distribution List Helmert’s distribution is another name for the chi-square distribution. It is named after F.R. Helmert, who proved the general reproductive property of chi-square distributions [1]. Helmert’s most noted contribution was establishing that if a set of independent, normally distributed random variables X1, X2, …, Xn, then Is distributed as […]