Bravais Distribution

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The Bravais distribution is another name for the bivariate normal distribution, (also sometimes called the bivariate Gaussian or Bivariate Laplace–Gauss distribution).

Teugels & Sundt lists the Bravais distribution as the probability density function of the bivariate normal random vector,

X =  X1, X2)T

which is

bravais distribution PDF

Haight published a simple formula for the bivariate normal:

and refers the reader to a version published in an article in the 1958 Volume 19 of Skandinavisk Aktuarietidskrift.  The unnamed author (I was unable to locate a copy of the journal to find the authors name) probably named this distribution after Bravais [3], who developed and published his study of normal frequency distributions in two and more variables.


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